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"The time has come. It is no longer stoppable. Doomday. Destiny. They are finally here."

A long time ago, the world was in a total disaster due to mankind's overbearing ambition and hubris that caused a great war. Humanity was in total despair from the world's devastation. However, humanity once again is about to face another catastrophic disaster. From the monster called "Creatures" that are recently showing up in the world. Born of a genetic mutation of specific genes, "Creatures" are the world's worst symbols. Hopeless humanity is now on the edge to choose between two options..

To either die or become "Creatures" whose only instinct is to kill. The world of chaos...

Yet, there is still one hope left among the desperate humanity. That a small fraction of mankind is not transforming into "Creatures". But into something else that can resist and kill "Creatures". Combat abilities that surpass human. With special powers and overwhelming strength that do not match with their soft-looking appereance. The girls are called "O.V.E". To bring back eternal peace to the world, mankind created the "World Government" and the "Labo" to manage O.V.E. With one hope left among the desperate humanity, mankind began the world reconstruction with the help of the girl's power. However, the fight with "Creatures" does not seem like an easy one. Since mankind's only hope "O.V.E" is now also on the edge of losing their powers and becoming the world's worst species "Creatures" due to unexplained circumstance.


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